Responsibilities and Rewards

As a parent of a child who is enrolled in a scouting program, you are essential to your child’s growth in scouts. Our wonderful leaders will lead your child onto the path of nature and help them rank higher and higher as scouts, but the most important supporter of all is the parent. Every bit of a parent/guardian’s support and contribution to their scouts matters, even if it is just a little bit of time off their busy schedule. We may nurture your child to a strong development in character; however, we cannot do that without your involvement in their growth. As a parent, you are the supporter and motivator to them. Without your encouragement they might just fall out of interest quite easily. At times, there are circumstances in which it takes time for your child to adapt and become engaged but the overall investment is worth it. Other than that though, Lien Doan Lac Viet loves to spend time with our wonderful parents, or phu huynh, as well! We encourage the parent’s involvement in scouting. There are many events that you could join us in every year, such as:

Lien Doan Camp
Backpacking trips
Biking trips
Snow trips
Family Picnics (at the park/lake)
Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts of America camps
Monthly Birthday Celebrations
And much more!

We greatly appreciate any assistance provided in every way possible. During our annual Lien Doan Camp, parents are the most welcome in helping and contributing in the kitchen with their five-star cuisine cooking skills! As your scouts are occupied learning and embracing nature, parents and leaders are in the kitchen cooking and having a great time with each other. Delicious potlucks are for the family to share and not just any family, it is for our Lien Doan Lac Viet Family to enjoy together.
With all of this in mind, there are a few responsibilities as a Lien Doan Lac Viet parent, one of them is picking up your child on time! Many of our leaders have tight schedules, so please respect their time as they do to you.

Contributions and support are greatly accepted by our scouts in any shape, way, or form, with a great smile on their faces. As stated before, parents are the essential key to a scouts growth and character development. The little nudge of a parent and their constant encouragement along with support to their child means a lot to the scout and Lien Doan Lac Viet. Scouting is a team effort, not only the scouts and the leaders but it is all of them as a whole; the parents, scouts, and leaders. As a parent, you are one of the largest keys to unlocking your child’s door to success.