Past to Present

Robert Baden-Powell had established Boy Scouts and Juliette Gordon Low had initiated Girl Scouts. Both of these individuals had the basic image of scouting for young boys and girls all around the world. They dreamt a dream of being able to provide the younger generations of the world with the opportunity of character development. And just like these two individuals, Lien Doan Lac Viet of Sacramento shares that same dream.

It had all started with the very founders of Lien Doan Lac Viet. They were all from Huong Dao Vietnam (which was scouting) in Vietnam and had escaped Vietnam’s tragedy. And as they made it over here to the Americas, they dreamt to provide their younger generations with the opportunity of scouting too. Our 12 founders (listed below) had worked hard and longingly for Lien Doan Lac Viet’s establishment in October 1984.

Nguyen Xuan Mong
Lam Ngoc Lien
Nguyen Viet Tam
Le Kim Thang
Bui Luc
Nguyen Xuan Tieng
Than Trong Sy
Nguyen Xuan My
Nguyen Xuan Lam
Nguyen Viet My
Nguyen Viet Thien
Tran Minh Duc

They were Lien Doan Lac Viet’s first Truong (leaders) and as one month had only passed by, the Lien Doan grew larger and faster as never before. However, they weren’t as a registered group until Luu Quang had stepped forward and registered Lien Doan Lac Viet under Boy Scouts of America in November 1986. And from there, it had only continued to grow in many more units.
As Lien Doan Lac Viet became official, our first group on our ladder did too. Trang Doan Le Lai is the unit for our Truong. This rank is for individuals who are older than 21 and have the leadership potential and motivation to lead the young scouts. They are simply our scout masters and head leaders in our Lien Doan. Their position as Truong requires a lot of work, effort and endless dedication. They are sole inspirations and models for our scouts.

As we continue down this ladder, we come across Thanh Doan Lam Son. Thanh Doan Lam Son is our Crew unit in Lien Doan. A unit of boys and girls mixed and past the age of 16, they work together and are role models for the younger units. Thien Doan Quang Trung is Troop. Troop is our boy scouts and they range from an age of 10-18 and enjoy going on backpacking and camps as they have always been. Doan Nu Nhi Trung is Lien Doan Lac Viet’s girl scouts. Although they have a registered boy troop, they have a registered girl troop as well with Girl Scouts of Heart of Central California. The age ranges are large and we don’t leave any girl behind. As for the younger ages in boys, Lien Doan Lac Viet has Au Doan Quang Trung. This unit ranges from ages 5-10 and build these younger boys for survival just like their older scouts in Troop, but for now, they are Pack 243.

Altogether, we make Lien Doan Lac Viet Sacramento, Crew 243, Troop 243, Girl Scouts 1743, and Pack 243. We’ve been around for a total of 30 years and will definitely be together forever more. We have a long history with each other, and as we continue to grow and build, we hope that more and more scouts will join us too. We specialize in so many areas of growth for these children and only hope to nurture them more and more, we always try the new but keep the old and live to the fullest. We are Lien Doan Lac Viet of Sacramento, Crew 243, Troop 243, Girl Scouts 1743, and Pack 243.